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Five Top Healthcare Tips for Expats


Healthcare should be at the forefront of your mind as you plan to move to France! Here at the France Buying Guide, we have put together our top five health essentials to ensure you can cross your health off the list of things you need to worry about:


1.  Keep copies of all medical records

By making sure you have a copy of all your up-to-date medical records from the UK, you can ensure that your new care providers have access to your accurate data immediately. To receive copies of your records, you will need to write to your GP or Primary Care Physician and make sure you include all personal information – name, address, date of birth and patient number. It may take a while for you to receive these, so we recommend allowing plenty of time before you move – and it is a good idea to make sure that these are all up to date before you request them.

2.  Ensure that finding the right healthcare for you is a priority

You will need to start looking for a doctor and locate your nearest hospital as soon as you arrive in France – you may not need it straight away but you don’t want to end up in the position of needing emergency care, and having nowhere to go! You can research this online, through work colleagues, nurses at your children’s schools and other local networks. Make sure you visit any clinics that you are thinking about registering with before you do, and don’t be afraid to find a new doctor if things don’t work out down the line.

3.  Research any local illnesses, diseases and health warnings

The UK Foreign Office’s website has pages detailing destination-specific information for those overseas, including any healthcare risks. Make sure you are up to date with necessary vaccinations both before you leave, and once you arrive in France, and that you are aware of any healthcare issues or diseases. Become familiar with the symptoms of all local illnesses, and visit your doctor regularly.

4.  Keep a well-stocked First Aid kit

We recommend that every home has a fully stocked First Aid kit, containing items appropriate to your location as well as the basics. It’s also a good idea to include a list of allergies of family members, emergency numbers, insurance details and family contact details in the kit. If you are going to employ household staff, think about paying for them to become First Aid certified. You may also want to keep a stock of emergency treatment equipment if you are in a location with poorer access to healthcare resources – such as syringes, bandages, gauze and saline solution.

5.  Make sure you go for an annual check-up

Ensure you visit your doctor regularly to ensure that any illnesses can be identified and treated early. Let your doctor know of any travel plans you have coming up, and make sure you are up to date on any changing treatments.

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