Meet the expat - Alexis Goldberg

Expat and France Buying Guide writer Alexis lives in the south of France with her husband Rod and two dogs, Eddie and Alfie.


Alexis and Rod spent two-to-three years renovating their character house in a pretty village not far from Carcassonne in the Languedoc. They have been through the French buying process, know exactly what it’s like to relocate and have a network of contacts in their local area – so who better than to provide you with first-hand information about buying and living in France?

As well as her regular videos, Alexis writes a weekly blog and other articles offering practical information on all aspects of buying French property and the lifestyle in France – as well as being on hand to answer any of your burning questions about buying in or moving to France! Click here to download our free guide and receive Alexis’s weekly newsletter, covering all relevant topics such as living costs in France; taxes due as a second homeowner or permanent resident; and life as retiree in France.

Latest blog posts from Alexis

Exploring the Languedoc with our American friend

One of the loveliest things about living down here in the South of France is welcoming friends who come to stay during the summer months, to see our area through the eyes of our visitors. This week we have enjoyed a visit from an old American friend of Mr. Fix It, Mark, who now lives in New York. Just imagine the contrast: from New York to our tiny village in the Aude!
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From the North of England to the South of France!

I joined Mr. Fix It up in Manchester a couple of weeks ago for the last stint of his job there. He had our little French plated Audi A2 with him which got some admiring (at least I think they were admiring!) glances as we tootled about the village of Lymm where the TV series he was working on is set. “I can’t wait to point the car south” he said. And so we did...
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Miles and miles of sandy beaches!

There’s nothing like a visit from a good friend to make you look at things slightly differently. My good friend Nadya visited me this week whilst Mr. Fix It puts the finishing touches to his design for the TV series he is working on up in Manchester. All she wanted to do while she was here was relax, chill out in the sun, eat good food, drink good wine and go to the beach. Well, we managed all of these things with very little effort, I doubt you will be surprised to learn.
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Summer time in France – and the UK!

Mr. Fix It has sort of been commuting lately – between Manchester and Beziers! He is working in Manchester designing a set for a new TV series for a few weeks. I say Manchester but the main location is in fact the canal side village of Lymm close to Manchester. He would have loved it to be filmed on the Canal du Midi as you can well imagine!
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Life from a French perspective

Last time we spoke, I was musing about how best to integrate into the French way of life. Following on from that, and having lived here in the South of France for almost 5 years now, I hope I am qualified enough to have learnt something about the way we differ as people and how, somewhat subtly and gradually, we find ourselves looking at life from a French rather than a British point of view now.
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